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Giessen 2019 Video Screencasts Available NOW

View HD Video Screencasts of all available presentations from Giessen 2019 from our Video Screencasts page

You can download the ISGEDR 2019 – Final Programme in PDF form HERE

OGSC San Francisco 2019 – Venue and Date Announced

This year’s OGSC meeting will be on Friday, October 11, 2019 and will be held at the Westin St. Francis hotel. 

UK-EGG Education Resources Page

Our UK partners, UK Eye Genetics Group (UK-EGG) invite you to explore their Education Resources Page.

UK-EGG have added a wonderful resource to their website and would invite all our members and colleagues to explore its contents. These range from Genomics, Informatics and Clinical Research Skills to ‘Useful Links’.

Both Online and Taught courses, free and paid are detailed.


ISGEDR 2019 Meeting – Giessen

A warm invitation to join us at the 21st International Meeting of ISGEDR on August 29th to 31st, 2019. Giessen, Germany

A joint meeting with the Deutsche Opthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG). Hosted by Prof Dr Birgit Lorenz, current President of ISGEDR and to be held in the Lecture Building of the Medical Faculty of the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.


OGSC Chicago 2018

More than 50 delegates attended the OGSC meeting at Lurie Children’s Hospital
and participated in the discussion of 25 scientific presentations.

Case Report

Whole genome sequencing reveals novel mutations causing autosomal dominant inherited macular degeneration
Shyamanga Borooah, Chloe M. Stanton, Joseph Marsh, Keren J. Carss, Naushin Waseem, Pooja Biswas, Georgios Agorogiannis, Lucy Raymond, Gavin Arno & Andrew R. Webster
Pages: 1-8 | DOI: 10.1080/13816810.2018.1546406

Research Report

Clinical and imaging characteristics of posterior column ataxia with retinitis pigmentosa with a specific FLVCR1 mutation
Jennifer Lee, Hannah L. Scanga, Kunal K. Dansingani, Kenneth J. Taubenslag, Leonid Zlotcavitch, Bharesh K. Chauhan, Christin L. Sylvester, D. Holmes Morton & Ken K. Nischal
Pages: 1-6 | DOI: 10.1080/13816810.2018.1547913

Role of the tissue-type plasminogen activator -7351C > T and plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 4G/5G gene polymorphisms in central serous chorioretinopathy
Eva Maria Malle, Laura Posch-Pertl, Wilfried Renner, Silke Pinter-Hausberger, Christoph Singer, Anton Haas, Andreas Wedrich & Martin Weger
Pages: 1-3 | DOI: 10.1080/13816810.2018.1536219

Ophthalmic manifestations in patients with Leigh syndrome, French Canadian type
Faye Pesenti, Erica Doucet, Charles Morin & Marcele Falcao
Pages: 1-3 | DOI: 10.1080/13816810.2018.1546407

Ophthalmic Genetics – FREE Subscription


Another great benefit of ISGEDR Membership is FREE subscription to Opthalmic Genetics. The Journal is the official publication of ISGEDR and the OGSC. Members of ISGEDR receive a free subscription to the Journal and have access to all back issues.

Click here to visit the home page of Ophthalmic Genetics on the Informa Publisher website

UK-EGG Annual Conference – Birmingham 2018

The Screencasts recorded of this year’s Birmingham UK-EGG Conference are available NOW to view via our Screencasts section.

“I look forward to seeing you next year for our 21st International Meeting in Giessen, Germany”

Birgit Lorenz, President

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The 10th World Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology (COPHy)

On behalf of the COPHY Chairs, Prof. Anat Loewenstein and Prof. Neil Bressler, we would like to announce that preparations for The 10th World Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology (COPHy) which will take place in Dublin, Ireland on April 4-6, 2019.
For more information, please visit our website COPHy EU.

ISOO 2019

International Society of Ocular Oncology Biennial Conference

The ISOO executive and program committee is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2019 ISOO meeting:

HD Video Screencasts

HD Video Screencasts from 2017 Leeds ISGEDR and Joint UK-EGG Meeting

You can now enjoy nearly all the wonderful presentations from the International Meeting hosted in Leeds.

You may need to request to join the ISGEDR group on LInkedIn to gain access to this page.

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