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The International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma ISGEDR brings together individuals interested in the field of genetic diseases of the eye and in Retinoblastoma. • To provide a forum for researchers in the field of genetic diseases of the eye to share information. • To promote international collaborations in the study of genetic diseases of the eye and in Retinoblastoma. • To disseminate scientific knowledge through international conferences and through its official publication, Ophthalmic Genetics


Dear Colleagues,
Please note that you can now register and submit an abstract using the new registration portal and the abstract submission buttons below. If you have already registered through the former registration page, your registration has been recorded. To confirm that it has, please email us at wongs1@ccf.org. Also, if you would like to join ISGEDR before the meeting, email Ms. Sandy Wong at wongs1@ccf.org and she will take your request and make arrangements accordingly. You can also join from the registration page using the choices available there. We look forward to seeing you live or virtually in Lausanne.”

ISGEDR 2021 Lausanne

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have the privilege to announce the 22nd ISGEDR Meeting, which will be held hybrid (virtual and in person) from September 2nd to 4th 2021 in Lausanne, Switzerland, jointly with the European Retinoblastoma Group (EURbG), the Société de Génétique Ophtalmologique Francophone (SGOF), and the European Reference Network dedicated to Rare Eye Diseases (ERN-EYE). The scientific program promises to be outstanding, covering the hotest topics in ocular genetics and retinoblastoma. This will include three named lectures, the Jules-François Lecture by Jean Bennett and Albert Maguire, the Franceschetti Medal and Lecture by Ian MacDonald and the Ellsworth Lecture by David Abramson. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Francis Munier President of ISGEDR

Please download the Lausanne 2021 Flyer from the link below:


Join us in person or virtually for the 2021 International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma (ISGEDR) Joint Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2nd to 4th, 2021 in collaboration with the SGOF and the European Retinoblastoma Group. Details of the programme, abstract submission and registration will be available soon.

The local host will be Dr. Francis Munier.

Countdown until ISGEDR 2021









Lausanne, Switzerland – ISGEDR 2021

The meeting will be a hybrid (in person and virtual) and will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 2nd to 4th, 2021.
The local host will be Dr. Francis Munier.

2nd to 4th September


Refsum Disease from an Ophthalmology Perspective

Dr Bart Leroy, MD, PhD will present the Ophthalmology side of Refsum Disease and the benefits of early diagnosis by clinicians.

Adult Refsum Disease is a genetic disorder impacting the metabolism of phytanic acid. The key symptoms are Retinitis Pigmentosa, loss of smell, hearing loss, numbness, balance issues, itchy skin, shortened fingers and toes. It is one of the few causes of Retinitis Pigmentosa that has a proven dietary therapy to slow vision and hearing loss. Therefore, early diagnosis is critical.

In Memoriam: Victoria Lendrum Cohen

The ISGEDR executive committee is saddened to report the passing away of Professor Victoria Lendrum Cohen, President-Elect of the International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) on Monday 21st December 2020 after a short illness. Professor Cohen was a very special person deeply dedicated to her patients and highly valued by her peers.  Her sudden disappearance at such a young age comes as great shock to us and she will be missed dearly. Please visit the ISOO announcement at http://isoo.org/in-memoriam-victoria-lendrum-cohen/

Going Virtual for 2020 – 
Ophthalmic Genetics Study Club

Dear ISGEDR Members,

Following our recent successful Virtual Opthalmic Genetics Study Club webinar we have made available, to Members, a recording of the whole event. You will be receiving shortly, the link and password to view the recording. Please do not share this password. If you have a colleague who wishes to enjoy the recording and the many benefits of ISGEDR Membership, then please encourage them to join via our Online Membership Store.


Best regards.
Elias I. Traboulsi and
Virginia (Ginny) M. Utz

‘Virtual’ Ophthalmic Genetics Study Club (OGSC)

You can Register and Pay by credit card using the online payment element below:

OGSC 2020 – Online Payment

A cruise on Lake Geneva


November 14

Virtual OGSC 2020

Two sessions of 3+ hours each with 5-6 presentations per hour with a lunch break

$30.00 (US)

‘Virtual’ Ophthalmic Genetics Study Club (OGSC)

A date for your diary…

Dear Colleagues,

In these challenging times, we are excited to announce that this years OGSC meeting will be going Virtual.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th. Details are to be finalised and shall be announced here at the earliest possible time.

ISGEDR Executive Committee Election Results…

Dear ISGEDR member:

The executive committee is pleased to announce the election of the following new officers:


Dr. Francis Munier from Lausanne, Switzerland

Executive Board Member

Dr. Arlene V. Drack from Iowa City, USA

Executive Board Member

Dr. Arif O. Khan, from Abu Dhabi, UAE

Genetic Counselor Board Member

Ms. Meghan J. DeBenedictis, from Cleveland, USA

ISGEDR is most grateful for the services rendered over many years and for the leadership of the Board members who are stepping down after serving their terms – Dr. Brenda Gallie from Toronto, Canada and Dr. Richard Weleber from Portland, USA. Professor David Mackey from Perth, Australia will be replaced on the Board by Dr. Birgit Lorenz for the position of immediate past-president.

Something for the weekend…

WSPOS World Wide Webinars:
Episode 14 – Aniridia

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for WSPOS World Wide Webinar 14 as we examine Aniridia.

Dr Dominique Bremond-Gignac and Dr Ken K Nischal will guide us through the ins and outs of Iris Abnormalities and lead the discussion from our experts. 

Our webinars are interactive; we pose questions for you, our audience to answer throughout our webinar and also display your responses in real time. We’d like to request you to have the Mentimeter page open on your web browser in preparation for our webinar. We will announce the Mentimeter code at the beginning of the webinar.

WSPOS World Wide Webinars:
Episode 13 – Inherited Retinal Disease

Dear Colleagues,

Please join Dr. Arif Khan from the United Arab Emirates and Dr. Eduardo Silva from Portugal this Saturday 11th July as they moderate our 13th Webinar titled Inherited Retinal Diseases. Webinar 13, supported by Novartis, brings together the world’s leading experts on inherited retinal diseases (an important group of diseases to understand) and will be discussed by our global panel, thereby reinforcing our ethos that Expertise Resides All Over the World!

Our webinars are interactive; we pose questions for you, our audience to answer throughout our webinar and also display your responses in real time. We’d like to request you to have the Mentimeter page open on your web browser in preparation for our webinar. We will announce the Mentimeter code at the beginning of the webinar.

Supported by Novartis

Inherited Retinal Diseases – Programme

Saturday 11th July, 14.00 London, UK Time

Our 13th Webinar will have expertise from all over the world, join us for what is sure to be an interesting examination and discussion around Inherited Retinal Disease:

Moderators: Arif Khan UAE and Eduardo Silva PORTUGAL

Retinal Dystrophies that Necessitate Systemic Investigations
Elias Traboulis USA

What Does Gene Therapy Mean and Why is Luxturna So Important?
Birgit Lorenz GERMANY

My Hospital/Health System Won’t Fund IRD DNA Testing and Luxturna isn’t Funded or Available in my Country. What can I do?
David Mackey AUSTRALIA

What Routes are there to Get an ERG in a Child and Why is it Important?
Alki Liasis USA

Q&A Session

End of webinar

Webinar 13 Panelists

Alki Liasis

Arif Khan

Birgit Lorenz

David Mackey

Eduardo Silva

Elias Traboulsi

World Ophthalmology Congress Virtual®


On behalf of the International Council of Ophthalmology, we are honored to invite you to join us from any part of the world, to WOC2020 Virtual® from 26th – 29th June 2020. This unique 37th World Ophthalmology Congress will be a virtual experience that showcases the latest developments in all fields of ophthalmology.  Join us for an unforgettable personalized learning journey and learn from world class experts, network with colleagues, visit the virtual exhibition, and access content for 3 months.

During these extraordinary times, we bring to each of you WOC2020 Virtual®, an exciting educational opportunity  – all in one place, at your own pace, and keeping you safe.

Join us for the first ever online global gathering in ophthalmology! This exciting personalized educational opportunity will include live keynote sessions, online question and answers, over 2000 talks from world experts, a virtual industry exhibition and access to all sessions for 3 months.

Delegates can join this exceptional online experience and claim CME points while learning from
home, at their own pace and take advantage of reduced registration fees starting at 85 USD.

Giessen 2019 Video Screencasts Available NOW

View HD Video Screencasts of all available presentations
from Giessen 2019 from our Video Screencasts page

You can download the ISGEDR 2019 – Final Programme in PDF form HERE

Giessen 2019 – Day 1 Photo Gallery

ISGEDR 2019 – Sponsors

Robert MacLaren, thoughts on Giessen 2019

A message from the President of ISGEDR 

On behalf of ISGEDR and Section DOG-Genetics I would like to invite all individuals interested in in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of hereditary eye diseases and retinoblastoma to the 21st meeting of our society held at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. 

This meeting will focus on the challenges of treatment of inherited retinal diseases and the advances made in the transition from bench to bedside. Other aspects of the program include sessions, presentations and posters on a variety of topics in genetic diseases of the eye and in the management of patients with retinoblastoma.
The meeting is embedded in a relaxed social program supporting easy personal exchange among all participants, offering a chance to set up and improve your international connections.

Professor Birgit Lorenz
President of ISGEDR
Speaker of Section DOG-Genetics

Register NOW…

OGSC San Francisco 2019 – Venue and Date Announced

This year’s OGSC meeting will be on Friday, October 11, 2019 and will be held at the Westin St. Francis hotel. 

Available NOW – UK-EGG 2018 Screencasts

HD Video Screencasts recorded at the 2018 UK-EGG Conference 2018 are available NOW

Have a few minutes to spare, you could do worse than listening to Professor Nicky Ragge’s excellent piece on the Australian Radio News Channel “New techniques help genetically controlled eye conditions

Ophthalmic Genetics – FREE Subscription


The Journal is the official publication of ISGEDR and the OGSC. Members of ISGEDR receive a free subscription to the Journal and have access to all back issues.

Click here to visit the home page of Ophthalmic Genetics on the Informa Publisher website

“I look forward to seeing you next year for our 21st International Meeting in Giessen, Germany”

Birgit Lorenz, President

Video Screencasts

HD Video Screencasts from Joint ISGEDR/UK-EGG Meeting

You can now enjoy nearly all the wonderful presentations from the International Meeting hosted in Leeds.

You may need to request to join the ISGEDR group on LInkedIn to gain access to this page.

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Here are photos from previous ISGEDR meetings