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ISGEDR 2021 Lausanne

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have the privilege to announce the 22nd ISGEDR Meeting, which will be held hybrid (virtual and in person) from September 2nd to 4th 2021 in Lausanne, Switzerland, jointly with the European Group of Retinoblastoma (EURbG), the Société de Génétique Ophtalmologique Francophone (SGOF), and the European Reference Network dedi- cated to Rare Eye Diseases (ERN-EYE). The scientific program promises to be outstanding, covering the hotest topics in ocular genetics and retinoblastoma. This will include three named lectures, the Jules-François Lecture by Jean Bennett and Albert Maguire, the Franceschetti Medal and Lecture by Ian MacDonald and the Ellsworth Lecture by David Abramson. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Francis Munier President of ISGEDR

Please download the Lausanne 2021 Flyer from the link below:

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ISGEDR 2021 Lausanne – Local Liaison Contact Details

If you have any non-scientific queries, please feel free to contact our Local Liaison, Paolo Caputo at

Lausanne – Overview

Lausanne – Overview

Lausanne rises elegantly in terraces on three hills above the north shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland’s French-speaking region. High bridges span the gorges of two rivers that cut through the city, combining with the steep rise from the lakeshore to give Lausanne a dramatic and scenic terrain with views of the Savoy Alps across the lake. An old university city and now a busy commercial one, it is popular for congresses, trade fairs, and conventions, with a number of outstanding meeting venues. Lausanne is the world headquarters of the Olympic Committee, and an Olympic museum is among its most popular tourist attractions.

The Romans established a trading colony here in the first century BC, and by the Middle Age, Lausanne’s cathedral was already important as a pilgrimage stop on the Way of St. James. To sense this old city, wander the winding streets below the cathedral; and to capture the elegance of its late-18th-century grandeur as a highlight of the Swiss Riviera, descend to the shore where Belle Époque hotels line its lakeside promenade.
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ISGEDR 2021 Lausanne – Meeting Sponsors


The content of this meeting is independent of commercial interests.

Any conflict of interest by the scientific organizers or the presenters will be disclosed in the related presentations, in the meeting proceedings, and on the meeting website. The International Society for Genetic Eye Disease & Retinoblastoma in addition wishes to thank the following sponsors who have generously supported the ISGEDR 2021 Lausanne Meeting:

1A Medical AG

Bayer Schweiz AG

Domedics AG




Novartis Pharma Schweiz



Spark Therapeutics

Théa Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals

ISGEDR/ERN-EYE Joint GREET Meeting Notes

Aim :

To share one session of the Grand Round ERN-EYE Transnational (GREET held every 2 months) meeting with the ISGEDR meeting.

Duration of the meeting/sesion is 90 minutes: thus 8 -10 cases


Principle :

The ISGEDR meeting will hold an ISGEDR / ERN-EYE ( joint meeting in the format of a GREET (see website page

The Grand Round ERN-EYE Transnational (GREET) is a meeting organised by ERN-EYE with the aim to share challenging and/or highly and particularly relevant cases and stimulate discussions among experts.

The duration of a case presentation is maximum 5 minutes with 5 minutes discussion.

The topic will be rare eye disease including, inherited retinal degeneration, inherited optic neuropathies developmental anomalies, …

A canevas for presentation is imposed and will be sent to speakers with acceptance email

A selection of 8 cases will be made by the ISGEDR/ERN-EYE committee. The presenter will be informed around the 25 07 2021.

Non selected cases: for ERN-EYE members may be presented on a future GREET and is accessible on CPMS anyhow for all members

For non ERN-EYE members : They can submit an abstract through the ISGEDR website


Process to apply  :

Two ways of applying

As ERN-EYE member: follow the ERN-EYE procedure (INCLUDING CPMS upload) , Register on ISGEDR, SUBMIT an GREET ABSTRACT , if selected proceed as ERN-EYE GREET ( including the upload on CPMS)

DEADLINE 30 06 2021

AS NON ERN-EYE member: Register on ISGEDR, Submit a GREET ABSTRACT, DEADLINE on abstract submission JOINT meeting: DEADLINE 30 06 2021

ISGEDR 2021 - Lausanne - Abstract Submission Deadline








Lausanne 2021 – Abstract Submission Form

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Lausanne 2021 - Abstract Submission Form



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ISGEDR 2021 - Lausanne