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The International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma ISGEDR brings together individuals interested in the field of genetic diseases of the eye and in Retinoblastoma. • To provide a forum for researchers in the field of genetic diseases of the eye to share information. • To promote international collaborations in the study of genetic diseases of the eye and in Retinoblastoma. • To disseminate scientific knowledge through international conferences and through its official publication, Ophthalmic Genetics

OGSC 2022 Hybrid Meeting – Abstract Submission Form

Abstract Submission Form

Abstract Submission Deadline is Friday, 15th July

    21st International Meeting of ISGEDR

    A warm invitation to join us at the 21st International Meeting of ISGEDR

    A joint meeting with the Deutsche Opthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG). Hosted by Prof Dr Birgit Lorenz, current President of ISGEDR and to be held in the Lecture Building of the Medical Faculty of the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.


    Available NOW – UK-EGG 2018 Screencasts

    The Screencasts recorded of this year’s Birmingham UK-EGG Conference are available NOW to view via our Screencasts section.

    Have a few minutes to spare, you could do worse than listening to Professor Nicky Ragge’s excellent piece on the Australian Radio News Channel “New techniques help genetically controlled eye conditions

    OGSC Chicago 2018

    More than 50 delegates attended the OGSC meeting at Lurie Children’s Hospital
    and participated in the discussion of 25 scientific presentations.

    “I look forward to seeing you next year for our 21st International Meeting in Giessen, Germany”

    Birgit Lorenz, President

    Joint Meeting Screencasts

    HD Screencasts from last years Joint ISGEDR/UK-EGG Meeting

    You can now enjoy nearly all the wonderful presentations from the International Meeting hosted in Leeds.

    You may need to request to join the ISGEDR group on LInkedIn to gain access to this page.

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    EyeTN Screencasts

    HD Screencasts from The EyeTN Final Conference

    Montpellier, France – 22-23 June 2016

    Watch the 23 screencasts from the final conference of the European EyeTN Group. “Vision Beyond The Genome”

    EyeTN Montpellier Programme

    “A picture says a thousand words”

    Here are photos from previous ISGEDR meetings