2018 – UK-EGG Birmingham

UK-EGG Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of UK-EGG (UK Eye Genetics Group) was held on November 1st in the UK’s ‘second city’ Birmingham. The venue was the wonderful Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

UK-EGG Birmingham – Photo Gallery

UK-EGG Birmingham – Screencasts


Below are the thirteen HD Screencasts of presentations from this excellent UK meeting for you to enjoy.

John Ainsworth and Trevor Cole


John Ainsworth

Ciliopathies and the Eye

Nervine Meshad and Rishi Trivedi

Evaluation of Positive Retinal Gene Panel Results…

Gabrielle Wheway

Characterisation of missense variants in PRPF31

Diana-Maria Butu

Parameters of cone system function

Shona Brothwell

Clinical outcomes in patients with 13q deletion syndrome…

Ann McQuiston

An Incidental Finding of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

Antoniya Ruseva

Interesting Case – Macular Dystrophy

Gavin Arno

100,000 Genomes Study Interesting Cases

Andrej Kidess and Avinash Manna

Eye Findings in VHL Patients and Available Treatments

Prof Nicky Ragge

New insights into anophthalmia-microphthalmia genes – entering the 
era of variant interpretation

Helen Brittain

100 000 Genomes Project

Penny Clouston

Update on Genetics Laboratories Reconfiguration

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