EyeTN 2016 – The EyeTN Final Conference – Day 1

Vision Beyond the Genome

The EyeTN Final Conference, Montpellier, France. 22-23 June, 2016

EyeTN – Vision Beyond the Genome

Enjoy the HD Screencasts from Day 1 of
“The EyeTN Final Conference”,
Montpellier, France.
22nd to 23rd June, 2016


Chris Inglehearn

Gene identification from specific phenotypes in retinal dystrophies

Christian Hamel

Cellular response associated to retinal diseases and therapeutic approaches

Nicolás Cuenca

Implementing discoveries; the logical next step for translational medicine?

Graeme Black

Elena Buena-Atienza

Julio Cesar Corral Serrano

Rajeshwari Bhat

Simona Torriano

Seeing disease through stem cells

Mike Cheetham

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