Past Meetings

2017 – Leeds, UK, Jointly with the UK Eye Genetics Group

Links to > Leeds 2017 Meeting Website and > UKEGG_ISGEDR_2017_FINAL

Franceschetti Lecturer: David A. Mackey – Watch Pr. Mackey Giving the Lecture
François Lecturer:
Andreas Gal – Watch Pr. Gal Giving the Lecture
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Annette Moll

UKEGG Keynote Lecture: Andrew Read – Watch Pr. Read give the UKEGG Keynote Lecture

 2015 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Links to > Halifax Meeting Website and > ISGEDR 2015 Final Program

Franceschetti Lecturer: Elise Heon
François Lecturer:
Richard A. Weleber
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Junyang Zhao

2013 – Ghent, Belgium

Links to > Ghent Meeting Website and > Program ISGEDR Ghent 2013

Franceschetti Lecturer: Edwin M. Stone
François Lecturer:
Elias I. Traboulsi
Ellsworth Lecturer:
Francis Munier

2011 – Bangalore, India

Franceschetti Lecturer: Elias I. Traboulsi
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Guillermo L. Chantada

2008 – Strasbourg, France

Link to > Program ISGEDR Strasbourg 2008

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Josseline Kaplan
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Brenda Gallie

2005 – Whistler, Canada

Link to > Programme ISGED Whistler 2005

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Richard A. Lewis
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
A. Linn Murphree

2003 – Paris, France

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Anthony Moore
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
John Hungerford

LInk to > 14th ISGED 11th RB meeting

2001 – Ft. Lauderdale, USA

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Richard Weleber
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Dan Albert

LInk to > 13th ISGED 10th RB meeting

1998 – Geneva, Switzerland

Franceschetti Lecturer:  David Abramson
Ellsworth Lecturer: 
Anna Meadows

Link to > 12th ISGED 9th RB meeting

1996 – Hobart, Australia

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Alan Bird

Link to > 11 th ISGED + 8th RB meeting

1994 – Niagara Falls, Canada

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Irene H. Maumenee

Link to > 10th ISGED + 7th RB meeting

1992 – Siena, Italy

Franceschetti Lecturer:  John Opitz

1990 – Calloway Gardens, USA

Franceschetti Lecturers:  Thaddeus Dryja & Eliot Berson

Link to > 8th ISGED + 5th RB meeting

1988 – Lisbon, Portugal

1986 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1984 – Ghent, Belgium

Franceschetti Lecturer:  Robert Gorlin

1982 – San Francisco, USA

1980 – Jerusalem, Israel

Franceschetti Lecturer: Mette Warburg

1978 – Tokyo, Japan

1975 – Oxford, England


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